I know how soft your body is, I scratched my hands with it, 2021

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2021

Project about the feeling of desire, shows a duality of what is considered to be good or bad in parallel with the idea of love and desire ( desire related to romance or sexual desire), as they can coexist together but they do not seek the same thing. Proposing oppositions that function as metaphors between different materials and forms while reviewing the historical symbolism that has been used to represent the idea of romantic desire mostly in the history of painting and in the contemporary pop culture.

Installation pictures by Sara Bastai

Time Will Tell

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2022

Project in collaboration with Sara Bastai “Time will tell” is a 2022 calendar based on a compilation of the songs we have listened to in the last year and how they have made us feel at a certain moment in our lives.

You can’t pick your father but you can pick your daddy

Fabienne Levy Gallery

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2021

This project reflects on the multitude of ways in which we as human beings reproduce patterns and maintain beliefs we instinctively hold throughout our lives without knowing where they come from or why they are in our structure as individuals.

“You can’t pick your father, but you can pick your daddy” materializes in tangible forms the idea of battling against the self to avoid stumbling over and over again over the same stone.

Installation pictures by Sara Bastai

It is not the absence but the desire for presence

Open Office

Biarritz, France, 2021

It is not the absence but the desire for presence explores the idea of desire and faith. How we put energy into something non-tangible to achieve what we desire in a tangible way.

She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless she persisted

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2021

Project about the visual representation of what it’s toxicity in Love and in relationships, questioning the idea and beliefs we have about romantic and heteronormative love.

Si el sol intenta quemarte, haré un escudo con mi cuerpo

Valencia, Spain, 2021

Project with the artist Luca Frati that reflects, in a symbolic way, the use of the body as a shield and the use of elements with a spiritual charge, thus acting as a protective shelter against bad omens.


Lausanne, Switzerland, 2020

I’m ok’ explores the idea of Mantra as a repetition of phrases, words (usually positive) or sounds that have some psychological or spiritual power and that allow us, as human beings, to have control and be more aware of our thoughts in order to direct them and improve our present life.

All the things i never told you

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2021

Book that gathers a collection of images, texts, thoughts, conversations around the idea of love in the western culture. Deconstructing the concrete idea about love generally related to romanticism, monogamic, unidirectional relationships and heteronormativity that coexist in harmony with the patriarch society. 

Art Direction and Graphics by Sara Bastai

Everything Will Be Fine

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2020

Series of paintings that explore the idea of the lack of physical contact.



Calendar 2020 design by Delphine Lejeune


Spain, 2018

Series of paintings feautured in Melancolia Magazine

Vanilla Tango

Madrid, Spain, 2020

Duo Show with Geray Mena at Wandering ones

Fina Estampa

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Group Show curated by Jesús Cano at Museo ABC

Where are the human rights now?

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2019

Workshop and Group show with Lucie Stahl

Myth of the Arachne


France, 2022

Project in collaboration with Sara Bastai for the lingerie brand Skinswear

Model: Lola Mukuna

Unchained Melody

Novembre Global & Zelda Passini

France, 2020

Project in collaboration with Sara Bastai with the Jewerly of Zelda Passini for Novembre Global

Tengo miedo que la noche me deje también sin alma

Palomo Spain

Spain, 2022

Project in collaboration with the brand Palomo Spain. Reinterpretation for their Fall Winter 21 Collection

Winter Olympics, Beijing, China

Harper's Bazaar China

China, 2022

Buenavista Lanzarote

Lanzarote, Spain, 2021

Project in collaboration with Buenavista Lanzarote about the feeling of absence

The Good Shoes

The Good Life

France, 2022

Anxiety Prime by Glass Music

Comics Sans Records

France, 2021

Project in collaboration with Sara Bastai and Virgile Flores

¿Ya tenéis nombre?

Vogue Spain

Spain, 2021

Text by Let Sala


Vogue Spain

Madrid, Spain, 2020

Sisheido x Vogue Spain


Madrid, Spain, 2019

Vogue Business

Vogue Spain

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Vogue Beauty Anniversary

Vogue Spain

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Fashion Editorial

Marie Claire France

Paris, France, 2020

10 Women, 10 Cities, 10 Years


London, UK, 2018

Illustrations for Uterqüe SS18 campaign

In conversation with...

Museu del Disseny

Barcelona, Spain, 2020

Montly illustration in collaboration with Folch Studio

Brian de Palma

Les Inrockuptibles

Paris, France, 2019

Cover for Les Inrocks

Années 2010- Les Inrockuptibles

Les Inrockuptibles

Paris, France, 2020

Cover for Les Inrocks

Conde Nast Publications

Madrid, Spain, 2020

Illustrations about iconic objects for Conde Nast Publications

Finally press day Media SS19

Finally Press

Madrid, Spain, 2018

Academia del Cinema Catala - PremisGaudí 2020

Academia del Cinema Catala

Barcelona, Spain, 2020

Project for Acadèmia del Cinema Català in collaboration with Folch Studio

Efecto Pence

Yo Dona

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Candle 7

Silvio Rebholz

Switzerland, 2021

Still life series for Silvio Rebholz

Photographer : Sara Bastai

RAM 1.0

Sara Bastai

Switzerland, 2021

Photographer : Sara Bastai

Still life series for El País Semanal

El Pais Semanal

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Photography: Geray Mena / Stylism: Lorena Robledo/ Studio : Ruge

Still Life series for Serrano 52

Serrano 52 - El Corte Inglés

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Photography: Geray Mena / Stylism: Jenny Bauser/ Agency:NOHO/ Studio : Ruge

New Masculinity

GQ Spain

Madrid, Spain, 2019

Photography:Geray Mena / Assistant :Borja LLobregat

Olaf Hussein

Madrid, Spain, 202

Photography:Geray Mena / Assistant :Borja LLobregat

Inés Maestre (1992) is a visual artist and illustrator based between Lausanne and Madrid.

selected clients, collaborators and publications:

AD, Bankia, Barcelona City Council, Carlota Barrera, Citroën, Coordonné, Elle Spain, El País, Esquire, Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich, Folch Studio, Harper’s Bazaar, Harper’s Bazaar China, Heineken, IE Business School, Hello.mr, I-D, Glamour Spain, GQ Spain, GQ Italy, La Vanguardia, Les Inrocks, L’Officiel Hommes, L’Officiel Russia, Mainline:RUS/Fr.CA/DE, Metal Magazine, Marie Claire France, Marie Claire Russia, Mira Mikati, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Movistar, Novembre Global, Olaf Hussein, Palomo Spain, Pull&Bear, Skinswear, Smoda, Support Magazine, Tank, Tapas, T Magazine, Uterqüe, Vanity Fair, Vein magazine, VICE, Vogue Spain, Vogue Poland, Vogue Russia, Yodona, Zara.